How to draw a grandma step by step

Who loves to squeeze our cheeks? And who bakes the tastiest buns? Who will make us dress like an Eskimo when it’s only -1? Everybody has such person. Though we consider them to be from another planet, sometimes we love them more than our parents. They are our grandmas and today we will learn how to draw grandma. Those, whose grandmothers live in the country, are so lucky. You will surely have a lot of yummy foods any time. And for those who love nature, going to the village will be like heaven. Fresh air, juicy fruits and vegetables, fields. What could be better than that?! When I was a kid, I loved to eat raw corn or I stole cucumbers and devoured tons of them. It made me sick though, so better do not follow my example.

How to draw a grandma step by step

In spite of all hard times our grandparents went through (wars, hardships, poverty) they are far more kind than nowadays young people. They are so much more attentive and sensitive. They are not only heroes of our country, they are our heroes. And if our country shows love for them only in a small pension, then we do it with all our heart.

Let’s think what we could say about our grandmas:

  • First of all, you will never freeze. If you managed to escape without warm clothes, then for sure you should be a great hypnotist.
  • Secondly, you will never be hungry, even on the day of apocalypse. Actually, your empty stomach will mean that this day has come. So you better eat what your granny cooks for you.
  • Thirdly, grannies always know all better than you. Be sure, that your grandma is a member of a “secret bench organization”. But she can also operate through distance, from her village. Who knows what is hidden behind those wide fields!

But believe me, my dear friends, that your grandparents love you with all their hearts. And it doesn’t matter, that they might not understand modern technology or they probably pay you too much attention, even more than you need.

Just try to make them happy, as they do so much for you. Share your love with them, as they really deserve it.

How to draw a grandma step by step

The first step. This will be not an easy task as it needs a lot of accuracy and attention. First we draw a big circle in the middle of the paper. We mark elements of the face with horizontal lines. Below we draw body contours.

How to draw a grandma step 1

The second step. Now we must give shape to the body, mark the eye level and add a headwear in the form of a headscarf.

How to draw a grandma step 2

The third step. We must pay a special attention to the eyes. This is the hardest part. We add shades, hatching and finish with drawing of the body.

How to draw a grandma step 3

The forth step. As you see, nearly all is done now. We just need to erase supporting lines and add some more shades.

How to draw a grandma step 4

You’ve done a good job!

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