How to draw Snow White step by step

Before we start drawing Snow White I would like to tell some words about this character.

All fairy tales, where a young beautiful girl is the main character, begin with sad prehistory. Once upon a time there lived a queen who couldn’t have children. And she has stopped planning it, but one day she pricked her finger with a needle, shed a few drops of blood and decided that it would be good to have a marvelous girl with pale skin and beautiful dark hair. Soon that marvel was born and the poor queen died. The king found a new queen and, as it usually happens in fairy tales, she was very malicious. Men in fairy tales have a strange taste!

How to draw Snow White step by step

Let me tell you some more interesting facts about this tale and a cartoon.

  • In 1937 Walt Disney was awarded a special and even peculiar prize Oscar for the cartoon Snow White: it was one big statue and seven little ones.
  • Throughout the tale we can observe certain numerical symbolism. For example, number 3, which appears as 3 drops of blood, symbolizes 3 attributes of Venus: belt, comb and apple – deadly gifts. Also number 7 has its meaning: seven dwarfs symbolize seven mountains. And the point actually was to say that the earth has seven partners in the universe.
  • As it turned out, the dwarfs didn’t wish to live in the forest. Evil queen sent them away as their physical characteristics didn’t match her ideal man.

But let’s stop here and get down to business.

How to draw Snow White step by step

Step 1. Let’s mark the point where our princess should be depicted.

How to draw Snow White step 1

Step 2. Now we draw circles of different shapes to get the seated human body. There will be animals in smaller squares. Let’s draw their templates.

How to draw Snow White step 2

Step 3. Now we start sketching. We depict young lady’s face, make the folds of the dress, then we add hair and a bow. We shouldn’t forget about the animals.

How to draw Snow White step 3

Step 4. We remove extra lines and make themain lines look straight.

How to draw Snow White step 4

Step 5. And now we just need to outline the contours in thick lines, to hatch hair and shades under the folds of the dress and under the girl’s body.

How to draw Snow White step 5

I’m sure you would like to see more lessons about cartoon characters. If you are looking for your favorite character, but you haven’t found him yet, write me about it and I will create him for you!

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