How to draw a pregnant woman step by step

When God created people he had no idea that they would wish to breed. It made him furious and he expelled the first two from paradise, so they would do it out of his sight. People liked his plan and they could give birth nearly every year, so after some time they spread all over the planet and invented wheels and plastic bags. And still, the process of giving birth is the most fascinating thing of all times. And I dedicated this lesson to this particular subject. You will learn how to draw a pregnant woman.

How to draw a pregnant woman by step

Pregnancy is considered to be a kind of positive parasitizing. This process is followed usually by abdominal swelling and increased level of demands from females. There is also such term as spontaneous pregnancy, when people become aware of this only after getting a huge belly quite unexpectedly.

Advantages and disadvantages of this condition:

  • It justifies the fact that you can eat a lot and any time.
  • You can eat pickles with milk, you will feel sick anyway.
  • You don’t have to worry much what to wear and how you look.
  • With the help of pregnancy you can raise the level of attentiveness and tenderness to your personality for nine- month term.
  • If you suffer from indecision, then this problem will only increase each day.
  • You have different privileges, especially in transport.
  • If you even wish to talk to yourself, no one will consider you crazy.

And now try to draw a pregnant woman. It’s easy.

How to draw a pregnant woman step by step

Step 1.  At first sketch the whole body.

How to draw a pregnant woman 1

Step 2. Carefully trace all her shapes and curves and afterwards draw her face.

How to draw a pregnant woman 2

Step 3. Finish and shade her hair and the rest of the body.

How to draw a pregnant woman 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and add more shades and contrasts to the picture.

How to draw a pregnant woman 4

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