How to draw a queen step by step

We have already talked a little about kingdoms and kings. Majestic, cunning, clumsy kings… They all made their mark in history. But all kings are men, and of course, every king should have his cunning and skillful queen. And today we will talk about these women and will try to draw a queen.

A man is supposed to be a master in his home. But royal families differed from ordinary ones. The king usually turned out to be some blockhead and his lovely wife ruled the whole country. Women in power is a very dangerous phenomenon which is called matriarchy. This is when a woman wants to watch love stories, to do shopping for hours or to have that wonderful box of chocolates for $500 and if you refuse to give it to her you will be easily put to death. But such phenomenon as matriarchy is out of fashion nowadays. Lucky men!

How to draw a queen step by step

But the opinion that a woman is like a monkey with grenade is more than just stereotyped. Often it was women who performed heroic feats, made important decisions, won the wars and frightened enemies. And I would like to tell you about some of them:

  • England is a matriarchal country. And it is ruled by Elizabeth II. This is the most vivid example of the fact that a woman can rule. She’s been in power for 60 years and her country is flourishing and nobody complains. She is a great girl!
  • Another outstanding figure was Ann of Kiev. In times of Kyiv Rus a lot of women married foreigners. Ann married Henry I and became a queen of France. But the most curious thing is that this fact wasn’t mentioned either in Russian or European chronicles.
  • Another famous person was Elizabeth I. She wasn’t famous for her political or heroic deeds. Her main title was virginity.  And indeed, she had no children, she was never properly married, as she was greedy for power and didn’t want to share it with anyone.

Historically it is more common for men to be political leaders. And there are reasons for that. Women are more emotional, they excessively long for wealth. Then it’s better to let them out to the battlefields, than to diplomatic meetings. I’m just kidding!

How to draw a queen step by step

Step 1.

How to draw a queen step 1

Step 2.

How to draw a queen step 2

Step 3.

How to draw a queen step 3

Step 4.

How to draw a queen step 4

Step 5.

How to draw a queen step 5

Step 6.

How to draw a queen step 6

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