How to draw a bride step by step

Women are the most wonderful creatures on the earth. All their life they try to look attractive and beautiful. But there is a day that differs from all other days. This is a wedding day. On that day a girl should look the most gorgeous. And today we will learn how to draw a bride in her wedding dress.

For most girls their wedding day is the most important day in life. The whole process brings them satisfaction, but the selection of the dress is compared to ecstasy. It is vital for every woman to have the most beautiful wedding dress, even if they will never wear it again. This is a matter of life and death.

How to draw a bride step 5

Every wedding dress is connected to ritual moments. White dress symbolizes purity and sincerity. In recent times a girl had to be a virgin and with her white dress she was showing her purity and sincerity for her future husband. Nowadays this is out of fashion, and a white dress is more a formality.

  • For the first time white dress appeared on the 10th of February, 1840. On this particular day Victoria, the princess of England, was wearing a white dress. Till that day women used all possible colors, including green.
  • Coco Chanel always criticized weddings. She considered that sincerity and purity should be shown with the help of more open dresses. And she was the one who designed a wedding dress that barely covered knees.
  • In 2006 brilliant designer Rene Straus together with jeweler Martin Katz designed the most expensive dress of all times. It was decorated with diamonds and was worth 12 million dollars. Though nobody has ever bought it. Is it really worth such money?

Ladies, to look excellent on your wedding day is a matter of honor. But don’t forget that you should always look wonderful, not just on your wedding day. Your man must always remember how beautiful you are. And now let’s draw our beautiful bride.

How to draw a bride step by step

First step. Mark body contours.

How to draw a bride step 1

Second step. Draw a long dress, hands and chest. With the help of a curve mark the contours of the hairstyle.

How to draw a bride step 2

Third step. Give shape to the dress, finish its top, add hairstyle and facial features.

How to draw a bride step 3

Forth step. Carefully mark the main lines, and  finish to work at face and dress. Erase additional lines.

How to draw a bride step 4

Fifth step. All is done. We just need to erase all unnecessary elements.

How to draw a bride step 5

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