How to draw a witch step by step

At first I wanted to make a lesson how to draw a witch in Gothic style. She would be a gloomy, mystical, stern lady dressed in dark clothes and with dirty hair. But later I decided that such personage is unusual for me, so I started to look for pictures of witches on internet. I did found a good one! And now we will try to draw it. Perhaps you’ll use it for your Halloween party.

How to draw a witch step 4

Let’s start, my friends!

How to draw a witch step by step

Step 1. At first, let’s have a look at the final result. We mark the building corner in the middle of the paper.

Now draw the oval – the head and the line upwards which will make the peak of the hat. We mark the wide brims of the hat. Then we sketch the seated body. Pay attention to its position as it reflects character’s mood. We can say that she feels free and relaxed. We mark the axis of legs and hands. Now let’s draw the contours of the bat. There is a big circle behind the body.

How to draw a witch step 1

Step 2. Now we draw the hat and body along the axial lines and then long hair.

We also draw bat’s body, wings and tail. To do it right we shall make a circle above the witch’s body.

How to draw a witch step 2

Step 3.The details. Let’s now trace the mouth, eyes and nose. Now we depict the clothes, outline the hat and finish to work with hair, making them look more thick and wavy.

Then we draw the bat’s wings and ears.

How to draw a witch step 3

Step 4. Finish with clothes drawing gloves, stockings, long skirt, etc…

Paint the pumpkin.  Then outline the bat, especially eyes and wings.

How to draw a witch step 4

The picture is done, you just need to color it.

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