How to draw Jasmine step by step

Walt Disney always created spectacular cartoons, especially at the beginning of his career. Let’s take for example the cartoon about Aladin. In fact, I like this cartoon only because an ordinary petty thief has a flying carpet and a personal genie. Of course this all may be due to his street life and genetically modified food, but I think that the directors wouldn’t make a movie about severe life at the palace. The guys went further and decided to show us all the delights of living with Sultan. Meanwhile I will show you how to draw Jasmine.

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Jasmine is eternal Aladin’s passion, daughter of Sultan and, of course, a girl of a strong will, like in all Disney’s cartoons. Actually jasmine is a flower, though it’s not unusual to call a woman “a flower”, like Rose or Bur. As we can see the girl is about 16. Don’t know whether they liked this story in China, but here such a plot would cause a lot of censure.

She attends a school for princesses. Proud and stubborn, even adventurous Jasmine always gets in trouble and expects her prince on a “white carpet” to save her. Her father doesn’t wish his daughter to be with some tramp. But being a weak person he can do nothing about it. As we can see Jasmine didn’t take after her dad.

What else can we say about this lady:

  • She is an official member of the princess gang. They are like Charlie’s Angels, just they are no angels.
  • Once she tried to be a school teacher, but one of her assistants was her tiger Rajah. That had to be frightening for poor kids!

And now let’s do our job.

How to draw Jasmine step by step

Step 1. Carefully sketch the contours of the body.

How to draw Jasmine step 1

Step 2. Divide her face into parts to make all features look symmetrically.

How to draw Jasmine step 2

Step 3. Draw the hair and shade it.

How to draw Jasmine step 3

Step 4. Remove the extra lines and outline all contours.

How to draw Jasmine step 4


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