How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

Sakura is a mixture of sexuality and martial arts with childish innocent eyes. There is much to tell about her. And perhaps you know much more about this girl than I do.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

But I would like to tell you some interesting details:

  • Sakura was praised for her progress at Anime News Network. We can see how she develops, progresses and learns from film to film. It is praiseworthy, isn’t it?
  • Sakura actually is a cherry tree, the symbol of Japan. Its blossoms, that appear and fade so fast, show us how short our life is.
  • The longest fight is the one of Sakura against Sasori. It consists of 8 episodes. I think it needs a lot of willpower just to watch it.
  • We can also notice how Sakura’s thoughts change with time and show us The True Sakura. We all change getting older and more mature, don’t you agree?

And now let’s draw Sakura.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step by step

Step 1. First draw a big oval in the upper part of the paper, the head.

Downwards we will make the axis of the body: back, legs and arms. We must remember that the position of the body and hands can tell us a lot about one’s character and mood. We mark the joints by small circles.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step 1

Step 2. Now sketch the hair contour. Then we draw a body which is a short top down to the waist and a short skirt. The axis will help us to draw legs and arms.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step 2

Step 3. Let’s now outline the hair, dividing her forehead in two parts. The hair has a zigzag edge at the bottom. Let’s now depict the skirt and blouse by smooth lines.

Then we draw a glove (only one, as another one is behind her head).

How to draw Sakura Haruno step 3

Step 4. Face: big eyes, small nose and a neat mouth. Both eyes and eye pupils should be big. Small eye pupils show anger. Now we add folds on the skirt and blouse, thendraw stockings.

How to draw Sakura Haruno step 4

Almost done. You just need to color the drawing and I leave it to you.

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