How to draw a warrior step by step

They say that a woman was created from man’s rib, as there was no better material available. For this reason a woman sometimes bears resemblance to a human, though not always. The problem is that there was little marrow in that rib and, of course, it caused tragic consequences. Some girls are too eccentric. Others can stop a horse and do manicure at the same time. Today we will find out how to draw a warrior. And as I started to talk about girls, our warrior will be a girl.

How to draw a warrior step 5

The first problem that girl must face is her wish to be fervor and cute at the same time. But it’s impossible. It’s like trying to excite billiard ball. You must develop in one direction.

The second problem is logic. It’s hard to fight something that doesn’t exist.

The third one is intuition. Dancing rumba together with logic, intuition helps replace nonexistent thing with guesses. But it’s too early to rejoice. Women’s intuition is often more effective than science.

And not every woman is tender and fragile. History knows such women who could wallop whole states. For instance:

  • Jeanne d’Arc was a symbol of fierce femininity of France. Napoleon seemed to be simply a dwarf in comparison to her. She kicked the British so hard, that they had no better idea than to burn her alive.
  • HuaMulan. Who said that Chinese girls can just synchronize Pikachu? This girl fought thousands of guys. The point is that no one even had any idea that the brutal warrior was a girl. Only when she retired and was going home she put on woman’s clothes. And that was when everyone got it. The question is: was she really so ugly than no one noticed her femininity?

Never allow your girl to learnmartial arts or attend courses of throwing heavy objects. Better to get brainstorming than have broken bones.

And now let’s start drawing a warrior girl without any fear.

How to draw a warrior step by step

Step 1.

How to draw a warrior step 1

Step 2.

How to draw a warrior step 2

Step 3.

How to draw a warrior step 3

Step 4.

How to draw a warrior step 4

Step 5.

How to draw a warrior step 5

Was it not enough? Do you want more? If you have tons of energy and don’t know what to do with it, you should draw.

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