How to draw school uniform step by step

On this lesson we will learn how to draw school uniform. We all love school so much, especially those who already finished it.

How to draw school uniform step by step

You usually get some piece of paper as a proof of completed studies. It also shows that you are ready to enter another colony of more strict regime. Or you could use this paper for your natural needs and then just start to work. But you will not be able to become more than a loader. And only beautiful and slender girls can make their way in our severe world.

So what are the potential advantages of our studies?

  • This is a cruel and severe school of survival. Are you capable to draw geometric figures and learn a poem? That’s great, but you need to learn how to reassure others that it was you who really did the drawing and that the poem was learnt and not written on the inside of your eyes.
  • Another important knowledge is to learn how to catch freebies. True masters of this science are students at universities.
  • School is our first real experience of teamwork. With time some of your mates will become your business partners or assistants in other great deeds. Perhaps you will even be lucky to charm your first love. So many years of co-suffering might have a positive effect.

And now let’s start to draw.

How to draw school uniform step by step

Step 1. Let’s draw a rectangle in the middle. And inside of it we will sketch four bodies: a round head, body and legs.

How to draw school uniform step 1

Step 2. Now we add hair and scarfs.

How to draw school uniform step 2

Step 3.Then we outline the bodies, clothes and then draw big beautiful eyes.

How to draw school uniform step 3

Step 4. Remove all extra lines and do shading.

How to draw school uniform step 4

If you didn’t find the lesson you need so far, just write me about that and I will make it for you.

You could also draw:

  1. Grandma;
  2. Snow White;
  3. Pregnant Woman;
  4. Queen;
  5. Bride;
  6. Witch;
  7. Jasmine;
  8. Sakura;
  9. Tears;
  10. Warrior;


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