How to draw waves step by step

Water is the basis of our life. It tastes not bad and you can wash yourself with it. We were talking about how good it is to go to the river on a hot summer day and swim. Some vast water spaces reach the sizes of whole countries. We will talk about the sea and learn how to draw waves.

How to draw waves step by step

It is a pleasure to listen to the sea and the sounds of the surf. To have a walk on the warm sand in the morning or sit down on the stone and put your feet in the water is really an amazing feeling. The sea is one of the most romantic things in nature (after the moon and the sky).

But there is another side of the sea which is more dangerous – the waves. A lot of people love surfing. I’m not fond of surfing, but I like to watch others. Waves are destructive and powerful, and if a man managed to curb this power and remained alive he will wish to do it again and again. Though, you must be careful. Water sometimes brings misfortune. Let me tell you about it:

  • Tsunami. If the sea is not calm, it will cause damages on shore. This phenomenon is characteristic of Far East. That’s why if you see that water moves away from the shore deep into the sea, be sure that soon you will face a wall of water. So don’t wait too long and run away as fast as you can.
  • Killer wave. It is similar to tsunami, but these waves are more dangerous. The thing is that you can predict tsunami, but killer waves appear from nowhere and ships disappear in seconds. The same thing can happen to the shores.
  • Bores. They are high waves on the rivers. It’s dangerous as they move fast and destroy everything on their way. Though these waves are popular among surfers. Perhaps they love to visit doctors?

But when you are safe you see waves as something beautiful. And now we will try to draw them.

How to draw waves step by step

Step 1. We sketch zigzag shape and a pentagon inside of it – the surfer.

How to draw waves step 1

Step 2. Now we give shape to our wave and show the direction of water by horizontal lines.

How to draw waves step 2

Step 3. In the middle of the wave we draw the surfer. We make the wave darker around him.

How to draw waves step 3

Step 4. On the left we show the vapor as a result of wave motion.

How to draw waves step 4

Step 5. We erase extra lines and add shades to our drawing.

How to draw waves step 5

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