How to draw acorns step by step

Today we will draw acorns. An acorn is a hard fruit with cupule. There are lots of them in forests. Why? — Because they grow on oak trees, chestnut trees and beeches. Acorns are widely used as a food for cattle and sometimes we can even find them at our dinner table. We mostly use dry acorns, but sometimes even raw.

How to draw acorns step by step

I’ve never tried them and I have never even thought of it. Instead I gathered acorns of various sizes and made figures of animals, people and other scum inserting matches in them. It was fun. Nowadays kids prefer computer games. But let’s not talk about sad things. I will tell you more about acorns:

  • In ancient times people wore them as amulets that protected them from evil spirits, aging and heavy drinking;
  • They also have healing properties. If to grind fried acorns you will get a coffee for kids. It will help in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma.

Let’s draw now.

How to draw acorns step by step

Step 1. We sketch the location of acorns on the paper.

How to draw acorns step 1

Step 2. Now we draw 8 circles.

How to draw acorns step 2

Step 3. We add the caps and draw out the drawing with thick lines.

How to draw acorns step 3

Step 4. Now we erase extra lines and add shades on the acorns and under them.

How to draw acorns step 4

Done! Leave your comments and ideas for new lessons and try also:

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