How to draw a rat step by step

You know, some people are quite nasty by nature. From time to time they have a wish to make troubles for others and not to get caught. Those who succeed in this business try to develop their abilities. They use any chance to exercise their vicious mind. Such people are often associated with rats, same disgusting and malicious. As you could guess, we are going to draw a rat today.  How to draw a rat step 4

In nature, rats are animals that do a lot of mess and trouble for people. They steal and spoil food and they also know how to remain unnoticed and escape fast. They are very active. They live in big families and often attack cellars.

Among people “rats” are known as those who steal information and sell it in order to let some people down. They are extremely cunning and clever.

What you need to do if you are one of those “rats”:

  • If you are a human rat, make sure that the holder of information you need is very slow and stupid. So he will never guess who you really are. Work fast and leave without saying “goodbye”.
  • If you are an animal, you better find a cozy and warm place to stay with a lot of free food around and some women you can scare sometimes for fun. If you get bored with this life you can find the nearest mousetrap and do away with all that trouble.

So let’s get down to drawing now.

How to draw a rat step by step

Step 1. First draw a polygon. Our rat will be inside of it.

How to draw a rat step 1Step 2. Now we draw a circle – the body and other smaller circles – the ears and the legs. The tail we will mark with curved parallel lines.

How to draw a rat step 2Step 3. Then outline all contours and color the muzzle with whiskers and paws with claws.

How to draw a rat step 3Step 4. Now show the fur with short light strokes, color the tail and erase all extra lines.

How to draw a rat step 4

Done! Did you cope with that task? You can show us your drawings here.

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