How to draw Aladdin step by step

Let’s plunge into the magical Disney world. I remember how I loved this cartoon when I was a boy. The main character is a guy — a young and restless thief who always gets in troubles. Though, Aladdin is a very kind person. He never steals gold or precious things. All he needs is food, fresh air, new adventures and the heart of a lovely young girl Jasmine. Without the help of his friends – genie and Abu- he would never overcome all the difficulties. All the same Aladdin will manage to win the heart of the princess. And now we will draw this loving couple. For this we will use the following picture:

How to draw Aladdin step by step

And now let’s begin our lesson.

How to draw Aladdin step by step

Step 1. Let’s first define their location on the paper. We sketch the bodies with lines.

How to draw Aladdin step 1

Step 2. Now we draw the body contours moving from their heads to the lower part of the drawing.

How to draw Aladdin step 2

Step 3. We show the hair and facial features. The guy has nice muscles and trousers. And then we show graceful hands, belly and hips of the girl.

How to draw Aladdin step 3

Step 4. Now we draw loving eyes, beautiful Hollywood smiles and clothes. The drawing should look like that:

How to draw Aladdin step 4

Don’t forget to erase extra lines and color the drawing. I will leave it to your imagination.

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