How to draw Darth Vader step by step

Today we will draw Darth Vader. As usually you will need a sheet of paper, an eraser and a pencil.

How to draw Darth Vader step 5


But before, I will tell you some information that every artist who wants to draw Darth Vader needs to know.

  • His costume is not simple iron armor. The pile of metal helps him to breathe and replaces his damaged lungs and keeps him strong.
  • His costume is equipped with sensors, chips, generators, radiators. All this controls his muscles, breath and nerve impulses.
  • The ugly mask has many needles inside. Don’t think it’s just to keep it on his face. It is necessary for a good fusion of the head with the mask.
  • And even his heart is controlled by a machine.
  • To keep the costume working, he had to charge it on board of the Star Destroyer.
  • Besides, Vader has a steel hand of darkness. The right one!

So let’s start.

How to draw Darth Vader step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the body. We draw an oval in the middle and the line – the body, then we show broad shoulders, legs and hands. We mark joints as knots. There is a sword in his hands (a line).

How to draw Darth Vader step 1

Step 2. We turn the sketch into the body. It will be a strong male body with strong legs and wide chest. There is a helmet on his head and a mantle on his shoulders.

How to draw Darth Vader step 2

Step 3.Now we draw the outfit: the helmet’s cutout, the belt, the armor. We draw the sword and hands. We show the folds of the mantle.

How to draw Darth Vader step 3

Step 4. We draw big eye sockets and a triangle – the mouth – beneath them. He has high boots on his legs and be attentive while showing the details of the armor.

How to draw Darth Vader step 4

Step 5. There is a mask on his face. We finish drawing the eyes and the mouth. The clothes are checkered. This is all, I guess.

How to draw Darth Vader step 5

You could draw:

  1. Iron Man;
  2. Captain America;
  3. Ghost Rider;
  4. Superman;
  5. Thor;
  6. Hulk;
  7. Serious Sam;
  8. Spaceship;
  9. Military equipment;


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