How to draw the Ghost Rider step by step

It’s great to be a superhero – you can beat everyone you wish, often with fatal outcome, and people will admire you and compose legends about you. You might make trouble, you don’t help old ladies to cross the street and forget to switch off the iron. But no one will pay attention to such trifles if you publicly destroy the criminal group or a demon. Today we will draw the Ghost Rider – one of those superheroes.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step by step

The Ghost Rider was played by Nicholas Cage, one of my favorite actors (I should draw him later too). I thought a rider should be a human. But no! The actor’s head was replaced by a flaming skull. It worked fine. Though there is a little discrepancy of the movie title and the plot. Actually, a ghost should be quiet and inconspicuous, but in the movie he rides around on his bike which is so loud, waving his chain and punishing mortals.

Mischievous devil likes to buy souls. The fact that every second mortal is a sinner and all the same will burn in hell doesn’t satisfy him. So he replaced the biker’s soul with the one of a demon. This is basically all the story as after we can see the mess of fire and rubber and hear some useless dialogues from time to time. I should say that the movie is very gloomy, but the devil is lucky to have a great bike.

If you are a ghost rider:

  • Your bike doesn’t need petrol but hellfire and the souls of sinners. Besides it is untouchable for the law and physically as it is terribly hot. So convenient thing! You don’t need parking and slaves-demons will repair it for you any time.
  • You could give a ride to a girl, but she might get so hot that could be used only in morgue after that. That’s why every demon-biker must have a flame resistant suit for his girl.
  • Even if you are a demon, all the same you will need a pretty girl, applause and a happy end.

And now get your pencils and let’s draw.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step by step

Step 1. Draw a big rectangle and two lines inside of it.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step 1

Step 2. Sketch two circles – the wheels, join them and leave some space for the body of the rider and his head.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step 2

Step 3. We draw the chain and finish with the vehicle and its owner.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step 3

Step 4. We hatch the chain and the clothes of the rider.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step 4

Step 5. Erase extra lines, do shading and create the effect of fire coming from the head and the wheels.

How to draw the Ghost Rider step 5

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