How to draw Furry step by step

Today we will learn to draw Furry! In our case it will be a warlike creature: half wolf, half human.

How to draw Furry step 5

I would like to tell you a little about Furry before we start drawing.

  • Furry is a subculture. As a result of its occurrence we can see creatures that are neither animals nor humans. Something like werewolf, were-fox, and other weres.
  • Furrieshave an interesting artistic direction: erotic one. But this is not suitable for kids under 16. Everything there is like with adults, just the performers have canines, mugs, tails and claws.
  • Furrysuit is the most modern clad for Furry followers. Just put on the fur costume and you will be on the top of the trend.
  • Besides these costumed cats, wolves and dogs arrange meetings. They slightly remind New Year school party for backward children.

I have nothing more to say, so let’s draw.

How to draw Furry step by step

Step 1. We draw a circle at the top of the sheet, then downwards goes the neck, the body, wide shoulders, long hands and legs with bent knees. We mark the joints with knots. He holds weapon in each arm, but we show it with lines for now.

How to draw Furry step 1

Step 2. Now we form the body – the powerful body of an animal. We draw small pointed ears and a snout. His body and legs are massive. We show the tail and weapon.

How to draw Furry step 2

Step 3. We draw the fur all over the body, the spiky armor on his shoulders. He has a bandage on his waist, huge toes and dangerous weapons. Then we draw the snout contours.

How to draw Furry step 3

Step 4. Now we draw the facial features. He’s got a stern look: bushy frowning eyebrows, a small nose and a wide mouth. Then we draw a huge hairy neck, abdominal muscles, bracelets and claws.

How to draw Furry step 4

Step 5. We add canines, shade the eye pupils. Then we show the hauberk. We do shading. Done!

How to draw Furry step 5

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