How to draw Hulk step by step

Now I will tell you how to draw Hulk.

How to draw Hulk step by step

But first here are some facts about this character:

  • At first he was gray as a werewolf. But later the authors changed his color to green.
  • Bruce Banner first was turning into Hulk at sunset but later he started to do it every time he was stressed.
  • The green guy can lift 150 million tons if he gets enough angry. (I wouldn’t like to meet him when he is in such a state).
  • His legs are so strong that he can jump for hundreds of miles. They say that he once covered the length of the Earth orbit.
  • His durable skin can withstand the temperatures up to 65000 degrees Celsius.
  • And this is only a part of his power. He becomes really strong when he gets angrier. His aggressiveness gives him strength.

You will see his incredible abilities if you watch this video:

I chose the following picture:

Such a serious guy! So let’s try to draw him.

How to draw Hulk step by step

Step 1. We draw circles to mark his body. It consists of strong muscles and we will have to draw them all.

How to draw Hulk step 1

Step 2. We show his round eyes and a happy mug. Then we sketch his toned torso and fists, after we give shape to his legs.

How to draw Hulk step 2

Step 3. We draw his fingers and hair. We draw the contours of his pectoral and abdominal muscles.

How to draw Hulk step 3

Step 4.We do hatching.

How to draw Hulk step 4

Step 5. We show torn pants and make him look aggressive.

How to draw Hulk step 5

Here is my Hulk:

That was all and now I would like to see your Hulk. Send us your drawings and leave your comments.

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