How to draw Hinata step by step

Japanese know how to confuse an incomprehensible plot. This is the seventh lesson about anime characters. I will tell you how to draw Hinata.

How to draw Hinata step by step

Hinata is kunoichi from Konohagakure, this is all you need to know. She is the only girl who loves Naruto, except a harem of young fans. She considers the blond guy to be a cool ninja and the symbol of fortitude and perseverance, though he is such a sloven. But love is blind. According to the plot she fell in love with him during the big explosion. Several times she helped him when he was in trouble, whereupon he scratched his head and ran away in an unknown direction like any man would do. She is very quiet, though still waters run deep. Her eyes are always pale, simply without pupils, and her short hair makes her less feminine. But that’s not a problem in anime, all characters look nearly same. Because of her quiet nature her father doesn’t wish her to be the clan leader, but it doesn’t bother her much.

  • At the exam Hinata had a fight with her brother who humiliated her. Naruto tried to cheer her up (instead of standing up for her). It worked but she lost anyway.
  • She was unconscious for half of manga perhaps because the actor who voiced her got sick.
  • Loss of consciousness became her habit, so in the second half when meeting with Naruto she immediately fell into coma.
  • She is able to see through the objects but she never used it to see if there was a prize under the lid of the beer bottle.

Now we are ready to start.

How to draw Hinata step by step

Step 1. Draw a rectangle and sketch the body of the girl inside of it.

How to draw Hinata step 1

Step 2. Sketch the shoes and show the facial features with symmetric lines.

How to draw Hinata step 2

Step 3. Now add the clothes, hair and draw the face.

How to draw Hinata step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines.

How to draw Hinata step 4

Try to draw:

  1. Sakura;
  2. Itachi;
  3. Ichigo;
  4. Tears;
  5. Warrior;
  6. School Uniform;
  7. Harley Quinn;
  8. Chibi;


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