How to draw Chibi step by step

Being an ordinary human, it is hard to imagine how many different styles and directions there are in the field of manga and anime. For a simple person everything with big eyes, strange hairstyles and huge weapons is the product from faraway Japan. But in fact all of these characters are so different. Today I will tell you how to draw chibi.

How to draw Chibi step by step

Chibi is a Japanese word meaning short person or \small child. It also means that the creature should be very cute and have a small body and oversized head. This style was created to depict humorous scenes, though we cannot say if the size of the characters matters or not.

What do we know about Chibi?

  • As their size is much smaller than that of other anime characters, their eyes occupy not half of the face, but half of their bodies.
  • They are another example of how Japanese see our world. Such a strange view of the world!
  • Their huge eyes and lovely awkwardness make them even more cute.
  • Mostly low-budget anime use them for a basis.
  • You can use Chibi shapes for cookies.

And now let’s draw them.

How to draw Chibi step by step

Step 1. First draw a big rectangle. Now add 5 circles inside of it – the heads, and draw lines from them – the bodies.

How to draw Chibi step 1

Step 2. Show hair and big eyes, then draw small bodies.

How to draw Chibi step 2

Step 3. After that we do shading.

How to draw Chibi step 3

Step 4. We erase extra lines and outline the contours.

How to draw Chibi step 4

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