How to draw Beauty and the Beast step by step

We have already drawn the princess frog and today we will talk about another famous beauty. We will learn to draw Belle and the Beast. Such situation often occurs in life. So it means that the fairy tale is good and its moral is the following: you should learn to live in the society of ugly men and naïve women.

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step by step

Beauty and the Beast is an example of a relationship of the average man and the young girl from a village. A special piquancy gives the image of the Beast written off a resident of mountainous regions. They didn’t try too hard with the image of the girl. They simply depicted an ordinary representative of middle class who loves the guy and the rustle of his banknotes with all her heart.

The story clearly shows how an ugly prince can attract a girl. The pickup technique is as follows: first you kidnap a girl and keep her in the cellar, then you invite her on a date, and if she doesn’t come – you starve her till she understands that she was wrong. You can follow these instructions as many times as you need. Once in a while you have to bring her presents, like a new iPhone or something like that. Then you have to meet her parents and say that you will eat them alive if they don’t let you marry their daughter. After all that the girl will see the bright side of your soul that cannot be hidden behind the mask of a monster. Let me tell you more about the fairytale:

  • The Beast had talking chandelier, pot, cup and clock. It hints at his loneliness that caused madness.
  • The tale teaches girls how to choose a partner for life.
  • In the end of the tale the Beast turns into a human. We don’t know further details of their life, but I guess it stopped to be a fairytale as the prince started to go out with friends, drink and come home late.
  • The tale doesn’t tell us any details about the Beast’s favorite food.
  • The prince couldn’t read. We know now what kind of guys the girls like.

Ok, let’s now go back to our business. We are here to draw!

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step by step

Step 1.

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step 1

Step 2.

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step 2

Step 3.

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step 3

Step 4.

How to draw Beauty and the Beast step 4

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