How to draw Harry Potter step by step

A lot of our readers wanted to know how to draw Harry. So today I will tell you how to draw Harry Potter. There are several reasons why we should do it:

  • Because you would like that.
  • Because Harry is a good guy.
  • In spite of the glasses, he is very clever and advanced.
  • Because he can fly on a broom.
  • And because we all are his fans.

How to draw Harry Potter step by step

Let me tell you more:

  • They say that in the climax of interest in this book, people made bets on who will be killed in the next volume.
  • There is an opinion that the author created that stratagem only for one generation. It means that in every new volumethe author takes into consideration that the fans became one year older and their brain had developed a little.
  • As every boy turns into a young man at some point and later into either a fat man or a mountain of muscles, then it’s quite normal to expect the same from the actor who plays the part of Harry Potter. Actually this is happening now: a young slim magician turns into a good looking mature man.

And now let’s take our magic wands – pencils and draw!

How to draw Harry Potter step by step

Step 1. We draw a big oval in the middle. Below we draw a wide neck and shoulders. These will be just the main contours, but we should take into consideration the approximate sizes of the body and the head.

How to draw Harry Potter step 1

Step 2. We turn the oval into the head, showing a chin. We draw a vertical line – the line of the nose. On the top of the head we sketch something like a hat — the hair. We make shoulders smooth and sloping. Then show the neckline of the sweater.

How to draw Harry Potter step 2

Step 3. Now we draw the face. We define the line of the eyes and draw a segment. Down from it we draw lines defining the width of the nose and the mouth. Outline the level of the mouth with the help of two horizontal segments.

How to draw Harry Potter step 3

Now we sketch the mouth and the nose. We also show the eyebrows. Pay attention to their inclination.

Step 4. We go on to depict the face. We give shape to the lips and the nose. We make them look natural and smooth. We make the eyebrows wider. We draw almond shaped eyes with big pupils. The eyes are set close to the nose.

How to draw Harry Potter step 4

Step 5. Now we draw glasses. For this we lead lines down from the pupils. We draw a line across the bridge of the nose. This way we will have two centers for circles. Now we draw the circles regarding their centers. Then we show tousled hair. We show the seam of the neckline and several folds.

How to draw Harry Potter step 5

Step 6.We draw short hair all over the eyebrows. They should be thick and give some harshness to the face. Outline the contours of the body and face. That’s all! Our drawing is ready.

How to draw Harry Potter step 6

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