How to draw the Earth step by step

We came up to the core of life which is the inexhaustible source of resources, the center of the world and creation. This place gave us life and in the same way it takes it away in its depths. Have you guessed what I am talking about? Today we will draw the Earth. This is our world. The blue planet – the only planet inhabited by living organisms, as far as we know it. There are many opinions about the age of the planet. But it is considered to be 4,5 billion years. From the moment of creation, the planet languidly went around the sun just as it does now.

How to draw the Earth step by step

What can I say? I envy Gagarin. He was the first man who saw our world in all its beauty. And though everybody knows that there are plenty of planets in space, we proudly call our globe the Universe (the World).

Perhaps you didn’t know that:

  • The driest place on the planet is Atacama Desert in Peru and Chili. Not a single drop of water has ever been recorded there. Though the driest doesn’t mean the hottest. It hasn’t rained for millions of years in the valleys of Antarctica.
  • Are you looking for solitude? There is a place where you will never find it. It’s Manila, the capital of Philippines. If to believe sociologists its population is 1660000 and they inhabit an area of only 38 square kilometers. The more the merrier.
  • And the planet is not round. Due to the rapid rotation there is a bulge at the equator and the diameter gets 43 km bigger than the one on the poles. So our planet is flat as a pie, but we don’t pay any attention to it.
  • There are people who love our planet so much that they are willing to sacrifice their lives for its sake. And not only theirs. There is a Movement for voluntary human extinction. As you could guess such people consider Homo sapiens to be a threat to any living being and they take measures in the form of cessation of reproduction.

Though the planet is not perfectly circular we consider it to be a sphere and depict it like that.

How to draw the Earth step by step

Step 1. It’s not easy to draw a circle. At first we draw 2 rectangles divided in half. Of course, you could get a compass and do it. But this is not for us.

How to draw the Earth step 1

Step 2. Now we form a circle. We draw 4 arcs in the corners of the square.

How to draw the Earth step 2

Step 3. Now it will be easier for us to draw a perfect circle. We unite the arcs.

How to draw the Earth step 3

Step 4. Now we show the continents, oceans, islands and peninsulas.

How to draw the Earth step 4

Step 5. Erase extra lines. We draw multiple dots – the stars. Picture the space so that the planet will not look lonely.

How to draw the Earth step 5

Probably the space exploration will take us to other planets soon, but the Earth will always be our home. When finished to be a God and create planets, leave your comments and recommend me interesting topics for future lessons.

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