How to draw a dragon step by step

There are lots of tales about extremely beautiful women who could easily stop a running horse; princes, specially created to tame these women; and horrible beasts for the diversity of life. Today we will draw a dragon.

How to draw a dragon step by step

A dragon is a many-headed creature with wings and nasty character. His main mission is to kidnap a princess and put her in a tower. He also likes to burn villages and to eat people. His motivation is not clear. He acts on impulse and often falls asleep for several years. His multiple personality causes frequent talking to himself. Nevertheless in the end his heads come up with an evil plan directed to eating someone or setting things on fire.

He is regularly beaten by some brave prince, who cuts off his heads. But in fairytales for small kids the dragon learns morality and becomes a vegetarian.

What else can we expect from him?

  • As every evil and aggressive creature, he will try to devour you on anypretext  after he fries you to a delicious crust. When meeting him you should write out a penalty in the form of a shovel strike.
  • In moments of satiety he is a lovely interlocutor with multiple views on life
  • Though we cannot know for sure if the dragon is a male or a female, as it lays eggs but abducts only cute girls. It could be the agreement between the heads, one of which must be female. Hence the aggression, as it’s unbearable, even for dragons, to live with a woman on your shoulders.

So let’s draw now.

How to draw a dragon step by step

Step 1. We sketch the body contours with multiple lines and draw a big circle – the heads.

How to draw a dragon step 1

Step 2. We show the tail, the legs and each head.

How to draw a dragon step 2

Step 3. Now we draw the heads with long tongues, sharp teeth and scaled manes.

How to draw a dragon step 3

Step 4. We draw the huge wings.

How to draw a dragon step 4

Step 5. We hatch the body of the dragon, erase extra lines and do shading.

How to draw a dragon step 5

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  1. It sure is different loonikg. I think it may be a Tramea Lacerata Dragonfly. The common name is Black Saddlebags. I found a website called BugGuide and typed dragonfly in the search bar. It came up with lots of pictures. I enjoy your writing. Thanks.

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