How to draw Cinderella step by step

Girls are loving creatures. They don’t know what they want, but they need it now! How to understand what they want? Even Google doesn’t know it. And only in cartoons and fairy tales there are females who know: they want a prince on a white horse and a castle. Today we will draw Cinderella.

How to draw Cinderella step by step

All was good. She had lovely parents, enough of money and attention. But her mother passed away and dad, how it often happens, found a scarecrow with two daughters- harpies. Here the real girl’s problems start. Her father blinded by love pays no attention to her and her sisters and mother-in-law abuse the poor thing, make her clean the house, wear old clothes and clean toilets.

Poor Cinderella wants to meet her prince on a white horse. And suddenly a miracle happens: her aunt is a part-time fairy. She comes to see the girl and makes things right. She turns a pumpkin into a splendid carriage, rats into horses, old slippers in beautiful shoes and buckets into a powerful stereo. We skip the details. In the end the prince loved the stereo and he decided to marry the girl.

So let’s see what girls need to be happy:

  • Money and wealth didn’t help Cinderella. But she always had a dream and no one could take it from her. Who knows, perhaps she wouldn’t be so happy without a dream. Everyone should have a dream!
  • Aunt-fairy. Of course it’s cool to have a dream, but it’s even better with magic. But there might arise several problems. First of all, if your aunt is a fairy, there is a chance that she is a dental fairy and not the best one. Secondly, every fairy wants money for her job. Pumpkin-carriage costs not less than a real carriage.
  • Pompous stereo. If you are lucky to live in a fairy tale then every man will be happy to buy you a wedding ring, dress, will hold you in his arms and love you till the rest of your life. If you are not that lucky, than learn to cook.

Let’s draw now.

How to draw Cinderella step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the body and the dress. In ancient times a woman looked wonderful in a dress, not like now, the less clothes she has on the better.

How to draw Cinderella step 1

Step 2. We sketch the hair and the corset. Then show folds on the dress.

How to draw Cinderella step 2

Step 3. We work on hair, face, shoulders and hands. We erase extra lines.

How to draw Cinderella step 3

Step 4. Now we decorate the hem of the dress and show girl’s nice and pretty face. Don’t forget to draw her fingers.

How to draw Cinderella step 4

Our Cinderella is ready to go to the ball. Leave your comments and give your ideas for future lessons. You can do it on this page. Have a great day and live like in a fairy tale!

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