How to draw an Indian step by step

Before drawing an Indian I would like to tell you a little about Indians. An Indian is our red-skin brother. He was called so because of Columbus’ mistake. (He was a well-known pirate who had no idea that he discovered America, he thought it was India).

How to draw an Indian step by step

An Indian usually is so serious and pensive, he smokes a pipe and wears a hat of feathers. When a stranger sets foot on his land, the Indian rushes to his tribe and they make a bonfire and sharpen their arrows and spears. But when strangers give them presents, they calm down a little. Later the tribal leader and the guests sit down together in their best wigwam and smoke the calumet (most likely it is some special grass as the leader usually has visions that predict evil after that).

Indians are perfectly adapted to life. They can kill animals with tomahawks, to skin them, to grow corn and make popcorn. Females pluck the birds and make dream-catchers. Indian women are very beautiful judging by Pocahontas.

Nowadays it’s hard to find real Indians. Most of them are in museums and their dwelling places are destroyed.

But now let’s draw.

How to draw an Indian step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the position of the body.

How to draw an Indian step 1

Step 2. We show the facial features: eyes, mouth, nose and feathers.

How to draw an Indian step 2

Step 3. We add the hair and hatch the body and feathers and do shading.

How to draw an Indian step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and outline the contours.

How to draw an Indian step 4

You can color the drawing if you like.

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