How to draw Serious Sam step by step

Before, people used to drink tea or read books to relax. If they couldn’t read they just watched pictures. With time people forgot how to read or watch, or perhaps they just became lazy, as after creation of various devices they started to play different games. Nowadays there are so many games for everyone. Today we will draw Serious Sam.

How to draw Serious Sam step by step

Serious Sam is a character of a computer game. He clearly shows us how absurd a computer game can be. It is about a man who can wipe off the face of the earth whole races. Aliens captured the earth and Sam was sent back in time to destroy all invaders before they were born.

Equipped with guns and vocabulary of several sharp jokes Sam is looking for the most peaceful invader –Mental. There are plenty of ways to destroy enemies, but all of them end either with complete deformation or dismembered bodies. The game will teach you to react to the alien’s actions against the globe, but I would recommend children to play Sims.

I will tell you more about the game:

  • Sam was sent to Egypt as this is where the monsters go for holiday.
  • I wonder what would happen to him if he met Joker
  • The first part of the game should be the last, but the success made game developers to think of the continuation.

It shouldn’t be difficult for us to draw this character. So let’s try.

How to draw Serious Sam step by step

Step 1.  We draw lines to mark the body and his quad bike.

How to draw Serious Sam step 1

Step 2. First we sketch the transport.

How to draw Serious Sam step 2

Step 3. Then we draw the body and outline the contours.

How to draw Serious Sam step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines.

How to draw Serious Sam step 4

Step 5. Now show the details: the guns, facial features, the wheels. Do hatching and don’t forget about the background.

How to draw Serious Sam step 5

Did you cope with the task? Then show us your drawings. I also recommend you to draw:

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