How to draw a model step by step

A model is usually a female with rich inner world and the same view of life. Their environment is podiums, photo shoots, parties and so on. Today we will draw a model and not just a model, but a supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

How to draw a model step by step

They say that she is in the list of the most desirable women in the world. She was the first on the model earning list in Forbes. That’s why she has plenty of admirers and most of women hate and envy her. Deep inside every girl wishes to look like a model and to be on a magazine cover. Would you like to be a model? Then you need to do the following:

  • To have as many plastic surgeries as necessary to meet the current standards of beauty
  • To tighten your skin and cut off the unnecessary pieces
  • To go to the parties and be a glamorous girl
  • To meet a rich elderly man
  • ???
  • Profit!

And now let’s draw.

How to draw a model step by step

Step 1. We sketch the girl’s body.

How to draw a model step 1

Step 2. We draw her facial features: eyes, nose and mouth. Then add hair and clothes.

How to draw a model step 2

Step 3. Erase extra lines and do shading.

How to draw a model step 3

Let’s also draw:

  1. Harry Potter;
  2. Indian;
  3. Caricature;
  4. Cosmonaut;
  5. Michael Jackson;


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