How to draw Macaulay Culkin step by step

There are a number of movies that no one remembers, but in a certain moment they come to our memory again. For instance, we remember about some famous people only in the day of their death or birthday. And the movie “2012” will come back only during the next end of the world. The most specific time is winter. It is full of classical movies and one of them is “Home alone”. And today we will draw Macaulay Culkin.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step by step

Home alone is an instructive story for overactive children and the guide for thieves. It is about a lucky guy who was alone in a huge house for New Year and about the less lucky thieves that hardly remained alive after meeting with the boy. The boy tries to injure and morally humiliate the intruders.

Actually the movie is a comic fiction because in real life such a story wouldn’t end so nice. In the end the boy would never be found together with money and jewelry. The fact that there was a set for young chemist and physicist at home is also unreal. We can say the same about the thieves who withstood the pain greater than that at delivery. Though I have never tried to give birth myself, but I feel it was something like that.

Suppose I am at home alone. What can I do?

  • Destroy the house
  • Clean the house and cook a tasty dinner
  • Have a bath with beer
  • Forget to feed the cat
  • Invite friends and have a party
  • Eat all there is in the fridge
  • Watch movies
  • Sell the house and leave in an unknown direction

And what would you do? Write about it in comments and for now let’s draw.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the face.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step 1

Step 2. Then we draw facial features: eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step 2

Step 3. Outline the contours.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step 3

Step 4. Erase extra lines and do hatching.

How to draw Macaulay Culkin step 4

Send us your drawings and leave your comments. Good luck!

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