How to draw a fireman step by step

Today we will learn how to draw a fireman. A fireman is a super fighter who provides resistance to fire outbreaks in the city. It is usually done by the whole team of trained professionals.

How to draw a fireman step by step

I would like to tell you about firemen before we draw.

  • You have to keep in mind the number you can dial in case of fire. There are people who will answer you even in the middle of the night.
  • 30th of April is a professional holiday of firemen.
  • The history of organized firefighting began in ancient Rome. The first fire-fighting machinery appeared in ancient Egypt and the first water pump was invented in Alexandria in the third century BC.

Some funny facts:

  • In ancient Russ they thought that if the house was on fire because of a lightning then you had to pour milk on it.
  • In America they once burnt the whole wagon with silent movies. They wanted to make a room for new films.
  • In ancient times smokers were sentenced to death.

And now let’s draw.

How to draw a fireman step by step

Step 1. We will depict a man in a special uniform in motion. First we sketch the body: a big head, a torso, we will mark joints with dots and palms with ovals. We draw a horizontal line that goes across one of the palms. It will turn into a special hose later.

How to draw a fireman step 1

Step 2. We show the clothes: trousers, jacket, shoes and a helmet. We show the width of the hose.

How to draw a fireman step 2

Step 3. We make all the lines smooth and add a cylinder behind the back.

How to draw a fireman step 3

Step 4. We show the uniform with all the details: glowing lines on the trousers and on the jacket, the mask, gloves and shoes.

How to draw a fireman step 4

Step 5. We can still see the face of the man. We draw the eye and the eyebrow. We show folds on the clothes and the tube.

How to draw a fireman step 5

I think that’s all.

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