How to draw Selena Gomez step by step

Nothing can compare to a woman’s beauty, especially if she is popular and you have no chance to get closer to her. Actually it’s not so bad, you can talk about your admiration and not be afraid that you’ll be taken to the registry office where they will conduct a ritual of enslavement. Today we will learn how to draw Selena Gomez.

How to draw Selena Gomez step by step

I wanted to say that she is a girlfriend of Justin Bieber but later I found in the news that they broke up in November. On another site they say that the couple is back together again. It’s hard with these stars.

She is an actress, a singer, a composer. She is only 20 and during this short time she managed to be noticed everywhere. She is often sent to do good will. She is a Goodwill Ambassador. When she was 12 she put on a so-called ring of purity. It means she couldn’t have fun before marriage. But in 2011 she took it off and it disappeared in an unknown direction.

Her minus is her love for pop-rock. It lowers her rating among men.

What else do we know about her:

  • She is the face of Adidas and the designer. Suddenly it became clear why she has a big love for sportswear and caps.
  • She co-starred with the legendary Chuck Norris and that automatically makes her immortal and untouchable. If you decide to disturb her you will have many chances to be punched or kicked.
  • She saved 6 dogs from euthanasia and now holds sway over them. She often reminds the poor things that they owe their lives to her. And in public it’s called love for animals.

We will draw the girl now.

How to draw Selena Gomez step by step

Step 1. We sketch the body of the girl showing her head, shoulders and body shape.

How to draw Selena Gomez step 1

Step 2. Now we draw hands and hair. We divide her face in half.

How to draw Selena Gomez step 2

Step 3. With multiple lines we show her thick hair and draw her facial features.

How to draw Selena Gomez step 3

Step 4. We make the hair darker and add shades over her body. We finish depicting hands, eyes, nose and mouth.

How to draw Selena Gomez step 4

Step 5. Outline the contours and show the clothes. Erase extra lines.

How to draw Selena Gomez step 5

Try to draw other celebrities:

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  5. Home Alone;


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