How to draw a Snow Queen step by step

When Kai asked his grandma about snowflakes, she said that they have a queen – Snow Queen. She is flying around on her black cloud and covers everything with snow. So today we will learn how to draw a Snow Queen.

How to draw a Snow Queen step by step

The image of this cold lady appeared in the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. As every queen she has a palace and, of course, it is made from ice. She kept poor Kai there and turned his heart into a piece of ice.

The image of a lady who rules frosts and winter exists in fairy tales of many nationalities. Scandinavians have an Ice Maiden and Japanese – Yuki Onna. They all look great. If you wish to draw them, tell me about it.

Here is some interesting information about Snow Queen:

  • The lady is always very busy, she is out most of time and poor Kai must stay alone. So two questions come up here: where the hell she is and why does she need a little boy.
  • The cartoon was created in a peculiar manner: the actress performed the scenes, it was recorded and watched and later transferred on paper.
  • When Kai and Snow Queen are flying in her carriage, the birds cover their nestlings from wind and snow. Are there any nestlings in winter?

And now we come up to the main task.

How to draw a Snow Queen step by step

Step 1. We draw a figure of a woman in a long dress.

How to draw a Snow Queen step 1

Step 2. We draw small feet and make the dress wavy. We add a palm, beautiful hair and a crown.

How to draw a Snow Queen step 2

Step 3. On the hem of the dress we add another line and show ribbons on her shoes and sleeves. We draw curls and facial features. She has a facial body art.

How to draw a Snow Queen step 3

Step 4. There is a beautiful snow pattern on her dress.

How to draw a Snow Queen step 4

Step 5. Now we show the upper part of the dress. We color the corset. Now get colored pencils and finish the drawing.

How to draw a Snow Queen step 5

Show us your drawings and leave your comments.

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