Where to find inspiration?

Hello readers of ArcMel!

First of all I would like to congratulate everyone on the coming of spring! Today I would like to talk about life and inspiration. I noticed that my blog is visited not only by beginners but also by professional artists. (Please, leave some information about yourself in comments).

I am often asked about where to find inspiration, where I get the pictures, how I find time for writing, drawing and so on. So I will share my personal experience with you.

How one can manage to do everything and enjoy it?

1.     Dream!

What could you dream about? — A new phone, a trip around the world, or perhaps to draw a masterpiece? I dream to live near the Niagara Falls.

1 niagaraI use the picture of it as a screen saver and every time when I turn on my computer I see my dream and it inspires me to work. Inspiration comes itself and I forget about my daily problems!

2.     Write down all things you need to do. Cross out those that do not help to achieve your dream.!

Here is my list:

  • a)  Get up early (I didn’t succeed in it yet, but I’m trying);
  • b)  Do morning exercises;
  • c)   Don’t forget to eat;
  • d)   Go to the university;
  • e)   Have a walk;
  • f)    Meet with friends;
  • g)   Spend time in internet;
  • h)  Create a new lesson for ArcMel;
  • i)    Download torrents;
  • j)    Fight my laziness;
  • k)   Lie on the sofa dreaming to capture the universe;
  • l)     Draw for a new lesson or my favorite character;
  • m)  Publish the lesson and wait for your comments;

2 antisklerozNow let’s have a look at the list. We can cross out unnecessary things. I think perhaps e, g, i and k are not so important and they take a lot of time. So in the evening you will feel tired and have no wish to do anything else. And what about art? Where to find time for it? That’s why you need to cross out the things that are not very important. And for those who love to communicate with Facebook or VK friends for hours I advise you to download applications that would collect your messages from different sites in one stream on the phone and your computer. So you will not have to stay at the computer all day and wait for messages.

3.     Read inspiring quotes!

I‘ve often heard from my friends that I spend too much time on Facebook or VK. I do, but I don’t do it to check friends of my friends, statuses and so on. I usually look for interesting quotes, thoughts and ideas. I signed up to several groups. Most of all I like Quotes from movies and Corporation of evil.

3 sovershenstvoIf you know other interesting groups, then tell me about them in comments.

4.     Raise your spirits!

This is one of the most important things. Good mood always helps you to get a better result and makes the whole process easier. What else could I say here:

  • It’s extremely hard to get up in the morning, so I spend some time in bed after waking up;
  • I turn on energetic music;
  • It’s good to have a cold shower in the morning;
  • I look for a good movie;
  • I get something tasty from the fridge;
  • Watch comics;

4 ulybka-podnimaet-nastroenie.And so on. I learnt to do things that can cheer me up. So I do them any time I feel stressed or down. It is very important to feel happy and be able to perform any task.

5.     Listen to your body!

I have noticed that when I write during the day, I need complete silence around. But at night all is different. You don’t feel tired, you wish to create, to write. But here you will need motivation: perhaps some music in the background with beautiful music and lyrics. Your body will need to restore the energy. It’s better to do it during the day. You should listen to your body and draw conclusions. It will tell you what is best for you.

5 slushay-muzyikuThis is all I guess. All this information was based on my personal experience. If you disagree then tell me about it in comments.


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