How to draw Alf step by step

There was a time when instead of wild special effects they used quite cute people to create monsters. All they needed was a lot of make-up and a funny costume. The result was unexpected and the horror movies turned into parody. I will tell you how to draw Alf – favorite character of my childhood.

How to draw Alf step by stepAlf is a shaggy extraterrestrial creature who attacked our planet with a mission to free our land from the invasion of cats. All his actions are aimed at trying to catch and eat cats. Suddenly he becomes a man’s best friend, lives with him though he looks like a mammoth and constantly sheds. He is quiet by nature and likes to joke about politics and animals. He is calm because he expects his friends to come and capture the world together.

I will tell you a little about Alf:

  • It turns out that his name is Gordon and he even has a surname. I think his native planet was visited by Gordon Freeman.
  • Throughout the series Alf walks about the town, meets with people who are not really surprised to see him, he doesn’t pay taxes and is pursued by Interplanetary Tax Inspection
  • When it comes to food, Alf is cruel and ruthless. He has 8 stomachs that must be filled with cats and tasty food.
  • He despises people and their primitive life. He thinks that people work too much and think too little.

And now let’s draw this creature.

How to draw Alf step by step

Step 1. We draw a big circle in the middle – the head. We sketch his eyes, ears and body.

How to draw Alf step 1Step 2. We make our lines smooth.

How to draw Alf step 2Step 3. Now we show the details: his eyes, nose with nostrils, hair and one hand with 3 fingers.

How to draw Alf step 3Step 4. Erase extra lines.

How to draw Alf step 4Step 5. We add fur and do hatching.

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