How to draw Gaara step by step

A sacred duty of an anime fan is to watch at least one anime. And it is even better if you know the names of the characters and their biography. Besides, your knowledge of Japanese enhances your status. Some people consider Naruto or Bleach not worth watching. But today we will learn more about Naruto’s world. We will learn how to draw Gaara.

How to draw Gaara step by stepGaara is a guy with eternal make-up. He looks like a Goth. He has an ambiguous attitude to sand. His childhood was obviously cheerful. First, his father turned him into a weapon of mass destruction by placing a tailed beast Shukaku into him. The beast can do tricks with sand. So the villagers were afraid of him. Then his dad decided to test the weapon in action and sent Gaara’s uncle to do it. The uncle died in agony and before he died, he said that neither he nor other people liked Gaara.

Since then the guy started to hate and kill all living beings. He got a jug with sand that he was carrying on his back and his make-up became even stronger. There is an opinion that he symbolizes Gothic trend in anime. But then he met Naruto who taught him to love others. Who knows if his life became better after that.

I will tell you some facts about Gaara:

  • The send in his jug never runs out. All builders would love to have such a thing.
  • No one fights him on the beach.
  • He died and was resurrected.
  • He can stop the time in sand-glasses.

And now we will get our pencils and draw this guy.

How to draw Gaara step by step

Step 1. Draw a rectangle and sketch the body.

How to draw Gaara step 1Step 2. Draw a boy with a bag at his back.

How to draw Gaara step 2Step 3. Show all the details and do shading.

How to draw Gaara step 3Step 4. Erase extra lines.

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