How to draw a cow step by step

Tutorial on how to draw a cow was prepared at the request of Sevil Aliyeva.

How to draw a cow step by stepThis is an amazing animal that gives us a chance to eat tasty and healthy food, such as milk, sour cream, cheese and meat. And in India cows are to be treated with the same respect as “one’s mother” because of the milk they provide. They are considered sacred animals and it is forbidden to kill them by law in some states of India.

They don’t live too long. A cow is old at the age of 20, so if by that time nobody turned her into a burger, she will live happily till the end of her days. But it doesn’t happen too often.

In general, these animals are very strong. They have big sharp horns and they use them when they are not happy about somebody. This is all I know about cows. Actually, it is not hard to draw a cow and it will not take you longer than 15 minutes. So let’s start.

How to draw a cow step by step

Step 1. First we sketch the body of our cow.

How to draw a cow step 1Step 2. Now we show her head, body, legs, tail and udder in more details.

How to draw a cow step 2Step 3. We add her eyes and ears.

How to draw a cow step 3Step 4. We show the patterns on the body to make the cow more realistic. We shade the darker parts.

How to draw a cow step 4Step 5. Now we do hatching over her face. Her eye should be dark. You can also show the grass on the ground.

How to draw a cow step 5That is all. Please, show your drawings and tell me what other lessons you would like to see. Do it here: write to the author.

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