How to draw mountains step by step

Today we will talk about mountains. Actually, we will draw them. Imagine two big cars moving towards each other at a speed of a rabbit. They collide and form a mountain of metal. The same thing happens in nature. There are slabs under the ground that move and collide. This is how mountains appear.

How to draw mountains step by stepWhat can be found in the mountains?

  • Avalanches. You must be quiet in the mountains, especially in winter. They are fraught with danger.
  • Yeti. You will be the luckiest person if you meet a shaggy caveman. You will talk about it every day and no one is going to believe you. Even if you take a photo of him, the image will not be clear.
  • Golden minerals. The highlands have not been studied enough and we don’t know about many things. For example, in the cave with a bunch of bats you might find the nuggets or gold mine.

Let’s draw a beautiful landscape.

How to draw mountains step by step

Step 1. We sketch the mountains and draw the skyline, dividing the sheet into two parts.

How to draw mountains step 1Step 2. We show the ascents and descents, the transitions of rocks and the connections of the mountains.

How to draw mountains step 2Step 3. We draw the clouds, show the tops of the mountains and do shading.

How to draw mountains step 3Step 4. We make every descent darker and shade the necessary parts.

How to draw mountains step 4Do you like my landscape? Leave your comments. Tell me what you think of this lesson and attach your drawings.

Would you like to draw more landscapes? Try this:

  1. Forest;
  2. Sea;
  3. Sky;
  4. Lake;
  5. Autumn;
  6. Park;
  7. Sunset;
  8. River;
  9. Waterfall;
  10. Waves;
  11. Jungles;


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