How to draw a rider step by step

Nature shouldn’t be used only by the mass cutting of forests and drying the lakes. Animals were also involved. First people enslaved dogs, then birds and other animals. Today I will tell you how to draw a horse rider.

How to draw a rider step by stepIn ancient times horses were small, short and resembled foxes, just with hooves. Such creatures were called Hyracotherium. The main place of their residence was North America. But the climate was very severe there and fields and forests turned into dry savanna. It was when the horse decided that she got fed up. She increased in size, started to eat only grass and ride fast. Before this change people mostly used donkeys, but after they started to prefer a strong, big and beautiful horse.

Here is some information about horses:

  • There are many horses in China. The most common name for a horse is Zhu Han.
  • The best way to get to heaven is to be killed by a horse (it’s a joke). This is the opinion of Maasai. That’s a good way to justify mass suicides.
  • I’m sure you always wondered what horses like most: coffee or cocoa. I can tell you that they prefer strong coffee. Those who don’t must have problems with blood pressure.

Let’s now draw.

How to draw a rider step by step

Step 1. First draw a square figure. Then we sketch a horse and a man on it.How to draw a rider step 1

Step 2. After we outline all contours and add a hat.

How to draw a rider step 2Step 3. We add a horse a beautiful mane.

How to draw a rider step 3Step 4. Erase extra lines.

How to draw a rider step 4Step 5. We do hatching.

How to draw a rider step 5I recommend you not to play on horse racings. You cannot trust horses.

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