How to draw a wizard step by step

In some parallel universe you will not find oil and fast food, and they don’t cook unicorns. There are neither iPhones nor modern cars. It’s all magic available only to the chosen and the Neo.  Theoretically you can do anything with the help of magic. Wizards can easily create bombs and radioactive emitters, but they don’t know funny stories that they could tell at the party. Today we will find out how to draw a wizard.

How to draw a wizard step by stepA wizard is a person who mastered the manipulation of different garbage. Such person is close to someone mentally ill. The distinctive features of a wizard are: a stick, a pointed hat, a long gray beard even if he is 15, constant muttering of curses.

There are rare species of wizards: a wizard – deputy. He mastered the technique of mass hypnosis and the disappearance of money. Another kind is a magician – officer. This group consists of politicians and policemen – a mad clan of magicians, who consider themselves the protectors of the world. They mostly are found in places of money distribution.

The most famous wizards are:

  • Harry Potter – an autistic boy who, under the influence of computer games suddenly turned into a great wizard of all times.
  • David Blaine is an American lord of street magic, though he is a usual trickster with a hat and a rabbit. He used to be a Copperfield’s slave, but he escaped.
  • Duncan Macleod is an invincible creature. He is one of the horsemen of Apocalypse. He is immortal so he came to know all the charm of being dead. He likes to kill with a huge kitchen knife and it makes him even more immortal than he was.

And now we should start drawing.

How to draw a wizard step by step

Step 1.

How to draw a wizard step by step 1Step 2.

How to draw a wizard step by step 2Step 3.

How to draw a wizard step by step 3Step 4.

How to draw a wizard step by step 4Step 5.

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