How to draw Samurai step by step

All nations had warriors that differed from ordinary people by their specific abilities. We all heard about Vikings, Spartans and Cossacks. But there are more popular characters. Today we will learn to  draw Samurai. But first I will tell you a little about them.

How to draw Samurai

Samurai is supposed to be more a guardian than a warrior. The word itself means to serve. There even existed a special code of Bushido. Those were the norms of behavior under certain circumstances. Hara-kiri was one of those norms. Every samurai was taught to execute all orders, even if it’s a suicide. If he betrayed his master or didn’t complete the mission it was the only way out.

On the battlefield they are the most agile and skillful soldiers. Their techniques passed from generation to generation. Katana sward was forged with a specific precision and attentiveness that it could cut the tree with one blow. And all this is true. There were not so many real samurais and their lifestyle was very reticent. And later they were recruited as soldiers.

What do we know about samurais?

  • Only a man can be a samurai. Women-samurais were called Onna-Bugei in feudal Japan. There was no law that didn’t allow girls to follow Bushido. But physical strength played the main part there.
  • Samurai techniques were passed only within the family. Fathers taught their sons. They were very strict and often publicly punished their kids. It supposed to make the boys stronger. They often sent future warriors to the cemetery or to the forest for several days – it was the most favorite trial.

And now let’s draw.

Step 1. We will try to draw a girl and an old samurai. First we define the positions of the bodies with lines.

How to draw Samurai step by step 1

Step 2. We outline the contours and don’t forget about katana.

How to draw Samurai step by step 2

Step 3. Erase extra lines and draw the clothes and weapon.

How to draw Samurai step by step 3

Step 4. We show the folds on the clothes and draw the facial features.

How to draw Samurai step by step 4

We just need to color the drawing.

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