How to draw King step by step

Long time ago there lived kings. They were great and kind, cruel and fair, attentive and tactful. Today we will draw a king. But first let’s think how the kings differed from our presidents.

  • First of all presidents do not wear mantles. It is not very comfortable to wear gilded cloaks.
  • You will never see a president with a golden mace or a cup. It would be dangerous for the government.
  • Presidents don’t have personal jesters, at least officially. Though, if to have a look at their surroundings, you might feel that you are in a circus.

If to talk about kings, there were some that caused only laughter. Though, we know their deeds and names: Richard the Lionheart, Ivan the Terrible, Humpty Dumpty.

How to draw a king step by step 4

We can say a lot about them and you can read a lot about interesting moments of their lives. But now we will draw. Get your pencils and let’s start.

How to draw a king step by step

Step 1. First we will draw an oval – the head and the curved line under it – the body.

How to draw a king step by step 1

Step 2. We sketch the crown and the hair. We define the location of the eyes and the other facial features. We draw the mantle.

How to draw a king step by step 2

Step 3. We add the lines that will turn into the eyes, nose, mouth and eyebrows.

How to draw a king step by step 4

Step 4. Now we draw the facial features, then add whiskers, beard and hair. We draw the mantle and the crown.

How to draw a king step by step 4

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