How to draw Big Ben step by step

There are a lot of rumors about Great Britain that has nothing to do with reality. For example, everyone considers English weather to be nasty. It’s not true. It’s more than that, it’s extremely nasty. Ball rolling on the ground is considered to be one of English inventions, though people learnt to do it many years ago. And in this lesson we will draw Big Ben – another English attraction.

How to draw Big Ben step by step

People make up stories about Big Ben as well. They say it’s God’s watch that he lost during the Great Paraguayan War. Every true Englishman is sure he knows all about Big Ben, he also thinks he must have 5 o’clock tea and that he has a great sense of humor. Big Ben is the main attraction of London together with dirty harbors and heavy rains.

By the way, it’s very convenient for royal nobility to have such a clock. Besides you could never lose it. It’s too big!

How can you use this clock?

  • This is the ideal place for location survey and for jumping
  • Jumping from it you can fly through time and space
  • You might have a heart attack falling asleep under it
  • You can commit suicide hiding in the Big Bell
  • You can calculate the distance to the moon
  • Or you can calculate the distance to Big Ben if you are on the moon
  • You could do things that I am not able to remember
  • You can tell the time

What else could I say? Let’s start drawing.

How to draw Big Ben step by step

Step 1. We draw the contours of the building.

How to draw Big Ben step 1

Step 2. We add the clock and the tops of the trees.

How to draw Big Ben step 2

Step 3. We depict the city, the lantern, the fence and the road. We show the greenery and add shades.

How to draw Big Ben step 3

Step 4. We show the details and add contrasts to our drawing.

How to draw Big Ben step 4

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