How to draw a scythe step by step

We cannot clearly understand what death is. There are a lot of myths according to which it is some metaphysical power that takes human’s soul to another world. Death is usually depicted as a woman, often quite cute. Last time we were drawing a scythe man and today we will pay attention to the instrument – we will draw a scythe.

How to draw a scythe

So, a scythe man/woman is a conductor of souls to another world. But now I wonder how one guy or lady manages to deal with so many souls in all countries at the same time? Perhaps she knows the tricks of Santa? Or maybe there is a different guide for different types of souls? I have a lot of questions but there are no answers to them.

Let me tell you some more about this matter:

  • They say that the soul comes back to the body after death. To be more precise, if you got to Heaven, you might be taken out of there back to your body. They call it clinical death, when the body stops functioning, but the person still may be brought back to life.
  • It’s another way for the soul to travel. But this time you get into the body of another living being. It might be not just a human, but a snake, an otter or a dog, all depends on how you behaved as a human.
  • Your soul doesn’t have to do something all the time, it can sometimes remain in the immaterial state and either help or interfere with people. We are talking about ghosts and poltergeists.

So now we can start drawing.

How to draw a scythe step by step

Step 1. We sketch the body of a woman holding a scythe.

How to draw a scythe step by step 1

Step 2. We show her clothes: shoes, hat and the corset. The scythe is also not ordinary one.

How to draw a scythe step by step 2

Step 3. We outline the contours, draw facial features and other elements such as sleeves, cut on the raincoat and shields on her feet.

How to draw a scythe step by step 3

Step 4. Now we hatch the clothes and the scythe. But before that we erase extra lines.

How to draw a scythe step by step 4

Stay with us and read more interesting lessons. Share your thoughts and ideas on this page, draw and have fun.

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