How to draw Naruto step by step

Today we will draw Naruto. He is a smart, restless teenager with memorable appearance. He has big eyes, tousled hair and a band with hieroglyph on his head. He is brave, independent and able to cope with any task ninja.

How to draw Naruto

Let’s start.

How to draw Naruto step by step

Step 1. We draw the facial contour: an oval chin, the cheeks and the horizontal line of the forehead. We sketch the neck with 2 vertical short lines under the chin. We show the collar with zipper and the shoulders.

How to draw Naruto step by step 1

Step 2. We draw broad relief neckline.

How to draw Naruto step by step 2

Step 3. This step is the hardest. We draw the band, then the ears. Upwards from the band we show the hair with zigzag line. There is a hieroglyph on the band.

How to draw Naruto step by step 3

Step 4. It is not easy to draw human’s face and there is a special lesson about it. The face shows us the personality and the mood of the character. So, we draw big eyes, eye pupils and frowning brows. All this tells us about harsh thoughts. The nose is not big and roundish with two dots. The mouth we show with a straight line. Thin lips tell us about hard cold nature which is not bad for a young warrior. There are two lines on the cheeks. All is done! I hope now you will know how to draw Naruto.

How to draw Naruto step by step 4

After that you can try to draw other anime characters. Good luck!

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