How to draw cannon step by step

We have already seen all possible weapons in Hollywood movies such as laser guns, nuclear bullets, etc. We saw terminators, RoboCops and other crazy things. But there was the time when nowadays weapon was just a fantasy. Today we will talk about ancient weapon, we will draw cannon.

How to draw cannon

In ancient times people dreamt of the weapon more powerful than a bow. And Chinese made them happy, they invented gunpowder. And that was just a start. Later there appeared pistons, muskets and bombs. Fighting moved to a new level, it became brighter and more intense. But the breakthrough came with the invention of cannons.

To bring them to the battlefield was a very difficult task. But it was worth the time and effort. Artillery was the key to the victory. Ordinary guns and muskets didn’t shoot over long distances. But artillery could hit the target within 1-2 kilometers.

There were several kinds of cannons:

  • They differ by a long barrel and it means they are for distant shots. But there is one minus, the maximum angle of elevation. In a word, they should be used for straight distant shots. If you try to shoot from a mountain, you will not succeed.
  • A Howitzer. It is characterized by a short barrel, but it shoots at relatively high trajectories. This is the weapon for cowards.
  • A Mortar. It has a short barrel and the smallest caliber. It means that it is easy to move it and shoot around. And actually, they are for breaking the walls and buildings.

So if you are interested in weapons – this lesson is for you.

How to draw cannon step by step

Step 1. We sketch 3 circles: two symmetric and one in between them. Below there is a stand for the cores.

How to draw cannon step by step 1

Step 2. First two circles must be identical, as they will be the wheels. We turn the third circle into the barrel. We show the line that joins them between the wheels. Below we draw a triangle – a set of cartridges.

How to draw cannon step by step 2

Step 3. We now draw the wheels and connect the barrel to the line between the wheels.

How to draw cannon step by step 3

Step 4. Now we show the spokes of the wheels and finish drawing the barrel. We can now see its muzzle.

How to draw cannon step by step 4

Step 5. We draw the cores. We do shading and all is done.

How to draw cannon step by step 5

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Try to draw:

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  2. Helicopter;
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