How to draw a fairytale step by step

Fools are lucky and it means that anyone has a chance to get into a fairytale. Today we will draw a fairytale about the golden fish and a fisherman.

How to draw a fairytale

Once a fisherman threw a fishing rod into the local swamp and caught a Loch Ness monster – the fish. The monster got so scared that started to talk. The fish didn’t know how to escape and offered the catcher to fulfill his three wishes. The fisherman was a simple countryman with a house and an old wife. And as the head of the family he coordinated all his decisions with his wife.

The old woman was very decisive and she asked for a new washtub. When the thing appeared near the house, the woman realized she was in matrix and could do all she wished. So, all was good till she wished to be the queen of the sea. The fish got fed up, showed an old lady a rude gesture and left in an unknown direction. The old woman was left with a broken tub.

There are several creatures that fulfill wishes:

  • The golden fish that fulfills just three wishes;
  • The golden shark that fulfills three dying wishes;
  • The golden octopus. Though he is not a fish, but he is always happy to satisfy a couple of your needs;
  • The golden wedding ring. It usually fulfills women’s wishes and it takes freedom, money and willpower away from men;
  • If you have golden hands, you are able to fulfill any of your wish;
  • Golden teeth help dentists to fulfill their own wishes.

The rest of things do not fulfill wishes, only if you have a lot of money. But it will be a purchase then. So, believe in your fairytales, get pencils and draw. It will be fun!

How to draw a fairytale step by step

Step 1. We draw 2 circles – the heads of the fish and the fisherman. We draw the skyline.

How to draw a fairytale step by step 1

Step 2. We sketch the fish and the old man.

How to draw a fairytale step by step 2

Step 3. We draw the facial features.

How to draw a fairytale step by step 3

Step 4. We add a crown to a fish and the old man will have a fishing rod. Don’t forget about the background.

How to draw a fairytale step by step 4

Step 5. Erase extra lines and do shading.

How to draw a fairytale step by step 5

That’s all!

Try to draw other fairytale characters:

  1.  Beauty and the Beast;
  2. Hercules;
  3. Cinderella;
  4. Lion King;

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