How to draw a village step by step

It is considered that civilized people live mostly in in the city and all pensioners, drunkards live in the villages. Absence of electricity, water supply, strip bars and other delights can only attract some masochists and naturalists. Nevertheless life goes on and today we will draw a village.

How to draw a village step by step

A village is a place where it’s nearly impossible to get by car or scooter, so it will make it much easier by plane or a tank. It’s a vanishing unit of residence with population even less than the number of the Jews in New Zealand. Lack of entrepreneurs encourages local people to become moonshiners and a high quantity of moorland and animals of all kinds provokes men to be tractor-drivers and women to be milkmaids. Twenty four hour work cycle repulses the fans of Saturday entertainment as well as philosophers and office clerks. They entertain themselves mostly by racing old ruined cars round the forests and mass fights. The hardest time comes together with winter colds as all your conveniences are outside. The frost – 30 makes it hard to use them.

However there are the following types of countryside:

  • A small village. You will find several wooden houses, a club and a church. Apart from that there will be a stall selling cheap cigarettes.
  • A village. Its population might be about 2000 people. You can have a lot of fruits, meat and eggs there. There are more sober people and shops with licensed vodka.
  • A township. It’s a transitional mutation from village to town. It combines the delights of both village and town. You can find here GMO free food, nature, internet, toilet bowls and much more.

And now let us start drawing.

How to draw a village step by step

Step 1. At first we draw the contours of 2 buildings, then the cube – the dray. We sketch a haystack and a tree on the left.

How to draw a village step 1

Step 2. Then we shade the hay and the tree and add wheels to the dray.

How to draw a village step 2

Step 3. We color the roof of the building and the “transport”. We make the tree darker.

How to draw a village step 3

Step 4. Sketch the background landscape, draw leaves and the door. Show the ground and the neighboring building.

How to draw a village step 4

I would suggest you to draw:

  1. Hut;
  2. House;
  3. Gates;
  4. Big Ben;
  5. Neuschwanstein Castle;
  6. Fortress;
  7. Classroom;


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