How to draw ice-cream step by step

Every human likes to lick something cold, especially when it’s hot outside. I’m not talking just about the icicles and frozen fence in winter. Often kids eat the snow, lick fridges and liquid nitrogen. It’s even better if the cold thing is also sweet. So today we will learn to draw ice-cream.

How to draw ice-cream

Ice-cream is a product forbidden for kids under 18 because it can cause severe psychological addiction as well as yogurts, snickers and milk shakes. It also causes various diseases such as tonsillitis, a cold and paranoia. Dental Association recommends to eat ice-cream when your dental nerve is open. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Ice-cream reproduces by molecular division and leads parasitic life. That’s why it is usually packed in absolutely unique foil on the basis of a bulletproof vest and put in one box where they cannot infect other products. You can keep dumplings together with ice-cream as they consist of the unknown consistency.

What else do I know about ice-cream?

  • The first ice-cream appeared in China and it was nothing else but frozen milk mixed with rice and sugar.
  • To put ice-cream on a stick was the idea of an American who must had loved it too much.
  • One Chilean wished to make it tastier and added cocaine to the ice-cream, but soon he died from the overdose.
  • Ice-cream can kill hedgehogs and this is not a joke. Poor animals try to get into the cones of ice cream and stuck there.

Now let’s try to draw it.

How to draw ice-cream step by step

Step 1. Draw a rhomb and divide it in 2 halves.

How to draw ice-cream step by step 1

Step 2. Separate the part of the waffle cone.

How to draw ice-cream step by step 2

Step 3. Outline the contours of this tasty thing and correct the lines.

How to draw ice-cream step by step 3

Step 4. Erase the rhomb, shade the waffle cone and add some hatches to the cream.

How to draw ice-cream step by step 4

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