How to draw a bike step by step

A bicycle or bike is a kind of extreme. Before drawing a bike I tried to find out why people like it so much.

  • It is our two-wheeled friend;
  • It allows you to save petrol;
  • Having a bike you don’t need to go to gym and exercise your legs;
  • It is the reason to travel to the forest with friends;
  • And you don’t need a driving license.

How to draw a bike step by step

I suggest you a short test to find out if you are a real cyclist:

  1. You can only arrogantly praise someone’s bike.
  2. Something always is wrong with your bike.
  3. After every tussock you check the wheels.
  4. You hoard rusty pieces of iron with trepidation.
  5. Falling down you try to protect the switch and make the bike fall on your foot.
  6. Every evening you tenderly check the tires.
  7. Falling asleep you whirl your legs.

The results:

a)     If you answered “yes” for all questions we can congratulate you, but at the same time you seem to have problems with your head;

b)    If you answered “no” for all questions then you are quite normal person without a bike.

I’m sure this lesson will be useful for everyone.

How to draw a bike step by step

Step 1.  At first we sketch the contours of the bike. We need 2 oval wheels connected to the frame, the seat and the handlebar.

How to draw a bike step 1

Step 2. We make the wheels wider. We show the handlebar with a smooth line. We draw the seat. Down from the seat we draw another line, then add the front star and the pedals.

How to draw a bike step 2

Step 3. We draw the tires. Now we go back to the frame and the wheels and show all the details. We finish with the seat. Then we draw the handlebar: its handles and the steering tube.

How to draw a bike step 3

Step 4. Now we pay attention to the details. We show the wheel rim with nipple. Then we draw the cassettes on the back wheel and the chain. We make pedals look volumetric. We can see the stripes on the handles.

How to draw a bike step 4

Step 5. Now we show the spokes on the wheels and the box for the chain.

How to draw a bike step 5

Now you can easily draw a bike. Unfortunately we cannot ride it.

I also recommend you to draw:

  1. Helicopter;
  2. Motorbike;
  3. Bus;
  4. Spaceship;


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