How to draw a seahorse step by step

Some animals look so weird that it’s not possible to describe them without using abusive words. Especially it concerns marine animals. They are not lucky with their appearance. People manage to invent names for land animals, but they didn’t have enough imagination to do the same for the marine ones. So they just found similarities in appearance and used the same names. Today we will draw a seahorse.

How to draw a seahorse

Hippocampus is a rare animal with the rudiments of intelligence that make him live far from people. He could be much bigger but he doesn’t want. “Hippocampus” comes from the Ancient Greek, hippos means a horse and campus means sea monster. Actually he looks like a sick horse. He has never been tamed. He is considered a dainty and this is clear not only to people, but also to sharks. In fact, sharks don’t eat them, but crabs. British scientists think that seahorses are raised by mermaids and later use them as horses.

The life of a seahorse is very simple:

  • The males lay the eggs and the females fight for the males.
  • It’s dangerous for your life to try to imitate a seahorse.
  • They still exist as they give birth to 1000 individuals at a time.
  • Sometimes a seahorse is called a sea kangaroo as he has a bag for carrying his kids.

It is not easy to draw this interesting creature, but it’s possible if you follow the steps:

How to draw a seahorse step by step

Step 1. Sketch a rectangle and try to draw the body of a seahorse in it.

How to draw a seahorse step by step 1

Step 2. Later you draw a tail, his head with a small crown and a small casket in front of him.

How to draw a seahorse step by step 2

Step 3. Outline the contours. Draw the thorns on his body.

How to draw a seahorse step by step 3

Step 4. Do shading and draw the background: the bubbles and the seaweed.

How to draw a seahorse step by step 4

I recommend you to draw:

  1. Jellyfish;
  2. Frog;
  3. Crab;
  4. Whale;

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